Board Meeting Streams and Archive

Pursuant to Governor Executive Order No. 202.1 issued 3/13/2020, the Open Meetings Law requirements for school board meetings have been temporarily modified, through April 11, 2020, as such:

Article 7 of the Public Officers Law, to the extent necessary to permit any public body to meet and take such actions authorized by the law without permitting in public in-person access to meetings and authorizing such meetings to be held remotely by conference call or similar service, provided that the public has the ability to view or listen to such proceeding and that such meetings are recorded and later transcribed.

Starting March 24, 2020 school board meeting live streams will be available only when a meeting is in session. 

Click for School Board Live Stream

After March 24, 2020, previous school board meetings may be found below. 

School Board Meeting Video Archives

Public comments pre-registration and procedure

In order to participate in the public comments portion of a board meeting, you will need to pre-register.  Click this link to PRE-REGISTER  After the pre-registration is approved, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to join the meeting.

Attendees who pre-register will be allowed to comment in the order that they have registered.  The host or co-host of the meeting will control when an attendee is able to comment. 

You will be able to watch and listen to the board meeting as an attendee.  When it is your turn to make a public comment, you will be promoted temporarily to be a panelist and then will be able to make your comment verbally.  At the conclusion of your comment(s) the host or co-host will return you to your previous status as an attendee. 

In the event of technical difficulties, the host or co-host may open up the chat and/or Q&A feature to allow public comments to be typed.