Kate Gleason Pool Update

Kate Gleason Pool Update

June 29, 2020

In my June 18, 2020 Community Update I shared with the community that we were in the process to determine how we may  be able to open the Kate Gleason Pool.  Last week we spent a considerable amount of time determining what we needed to put into place to comply with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Department of Health (DOH) Guidelines.  In addition we incorporated our annual operating costs and added the costs of implementing the COVID-19 compliance requirements.

In reviewing and researching the guidelines in order for us to open the pool we would first have to be issued a health permit to open from the Monroe County Health Department.  Even though we have applied for this permit, as of today the permit has not been issued.  In addition we are obligated to hire additional staff to comply with these guidelines.  Additional staff is needed for:

• Health assessment questions and tracking/tracing requirements that are standard protocol for all organizations that allow the public to use their facilities.  

• Monitoring compliance of the guidelines. A major concern is wearing face masks at all times except for when a person is in the pool.  Another major concern is the restriction of visitors and spectators on the pool deck.

• Cleaning and sanitizing the facility properly and frequently throughout the day.

• Training and point-of-contact for staff in the event a person is exposed to COVID-19.

We will also have to purchase additional supplies and provide signage stating the guidelines that must be followed.  

In addition, although the pool is an outdoor facility, the front desk, office and locker rooms/bathrooms are not outdoor spaces.  Therefore, Executive Order 202.45 precludes us from opening an indoor space that is on school-owned property.

As you are well aware, this year’s school budget is very lean.  For the District to open the pool we will need to spend approximately $35,000 dollars more than normal to comply with the current guidance.  Given the limited amount of occupants that can use this facility at a given time there is not a feasible way to generate approximately $35,0000 in additional revenue in order to make the pool opening fiscally responsible.  In addition, as we plan for the start of the new school year, there are several additional costs associated with the reopening guidance and we will need to make sure we have the funds to make reopening safe and successful for all students and staff.

In closing, I regretfully inform you that the Kate Gleason Pool will not open this summer.  The plan for 2021 and beyond is to return to normal pool programs and activities. Please know that this was not an easy decision to make and to share with you.  We wish we could have found a way to open the pool.  Unfortunately the guidelines and the costs associated with them forced us to this decision.

 For those that have registered and paid for lessons or open swim passes, the District will be processing you a refund very shortly.

Please email me at richard.stutzman@erschools.org if you would have questions.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Richard G. Stutzman, Jr.

Interim Superintendent of Schools