Welcome to the East Rochester Union Free School District!!

The Registrar's office is located at 300 Woodbine Ave., East Rochester. You may reach us by phone: (585) 248-6328, by fax: (585) 248-6333 or by  email at

Registration is by appointment only.

Only a Biological Parent, Adoptive Parent, Legal Guardian, or Foster Parent can legally register a student for enrollment.

Residency: Students must live in the East Rochester Union Free School District with their parents or legal guardian, or meet other special residency requirements, such as foster care placement. Two forms of proof of residency are required. They can be documents such as a recent utility bill, mortgage commitment, notarized statement from a landlord, lease, school affidavit, or DSS.

Sending a non-resident student to a school district without proper residency status is illegal. The school district investigates all situations in which residency is not properly documented, and will prosecute any violations of the district’s residency policy to the fullest extent of the law. The district asks its residents to report any questionable residency situations to the district Registrar immediately, at 248-6328.

Registration Packet: A Registration Packet must be completed for each student to be registered. Proof of required immunizations is required. These can be picked up in the Registrar’s office, or mailed to you. Please call the Registrar at 248-6328 to make arrangements.

Are both biological parents living at the same address of the student? If there has been a divorce or separation, a copy of a signed document stating the custody and the primary residence of the child(ren) is required. The district must comply with all legal arrangements set forth by the court and/or agreements made by both natural parents.

Citizenship: If your child is not a United States citizen, please bring his/her I-94 form or alien registration card (green card).

Birth Certificates: Birth Certificates for all students born in the U.S. are required.

Records of Immunization: We must have each child’s complete immunization history from your physician or health department at the time of registration. New York state law requires the following immunizations:


Immunization     Quantity
DtaP 4
Polio 3
Hep B 3
Hib 1-4 if less than 15 months
1 if 15 months or older
Varicella 1
PCV 1-4 if less than 15 months
1 if 15 months or older

School (K-12)

Immunization     Quantity
DtaP if 4th dose given at age 4, 5th dose not required
Tdap 1 (entering 6th grade or at age 11)
Polio 3-4
MMR 1 if < 7 y/o and 2 doses @ age 7 (if received separately, only 2 doses measles and mumps required, not rubella)
Hep B 3
Hib NA
Varicella 2 when entering K or 6th grade
  • Dtap – Tetanus Toxoid-Containing Vaccine with Pertussis – also seen as DTP
  • Hep B – Hepatitis B – series of 3
  • Hib – Haemophilus influenzae type b
  • MMR – Measles, Mumps and Rubella
  • PCV – Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine
  • Polio – IPV or OPV
  • Tdap – Adult Tetanus Toxoid-Containg Vaccine with Pertussis – Adacel (given age 10-65) or Boostrix (age 10 to 18)
  • Varicella – Chickenpox or Varivax – can accept MD-written statement proving history of disease or blood work showing immunity

If your child needs to be immunized, clinics are held weekly at the Monroe County Health Department, 111 Westfall Road, 274-6151.

Physical exam for your child(ren) required: Education Law and Regulations of the Commissioner of Education require physical examinations of children when they:

  • Enter the school district for the first time or re-enter the district
  • Are in grades PreK, K, 2, 4, 7, and 10
  • Participate in interscholastic sports

A copy of your child’s most recent physical must be presented at the time of registration. If the physical does not meet the NYS requirements (within 12 months of the first day of school), a new physical must be scheduled and submitted to the school within thirty days of admission. A Physical Exam form is included in the registration packet but other forms used by physicians in our area are also acceptable. If you have any specific questions, you can call one of our school nurses.

  • Aubrie Zito (elementary: PK-5) 585-248-6317
  • Amy Mayfield (MLA/senior high school: 6-12) 585-248-6372

Dental Certificate: NYS Consolidate Law Article 19 § 903 has been amended. Beginning 9/1/08, students enrolling in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, or first grade in a public elementary school in NYS are requested to present a dental health certificate. The law also states that a dental certificate should be requested the same years that health certificates are required – grades 2, 4, 7 and 10. If you have no dental insurance, the state has set up a Web page with available resources. Please visit

Secondary Students (grades 6-12): Please register as early as possible so appointments with a counselor in the guidance office can be scheduled. Bring a copy of your most recent report card/schedule/transcript/IEP to your guidance appointment.

Photos: Please bring a recent photo of your child.

Report Cards: Please bring the latest available report card for all students registering.

PreK parent input form

Kindergarten parent input form

Registration Packet - New to District

Landlord affidavit

Parent-Guardian affidavit

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