Meal Charge Regulation and Protocol

The district retains the services of Nutrikids (, which is a third party prepayment and information service that is free to parents and students. It also has an “APP” available for both Apple and Android phones. Through this service, parents and students may deposit funds using a credit card or electronic check, they can see their School Meals account balances and purchase history. There are also settings for parents to be emailed low balance alerts, and to set up the account to auto replenish when it hits a certain low balance amount set by the parent. Families are strongly encouraged to use this service to track school meals money.

A recent NYSED Policy Memo has given the directive that Staff can no longer talk with students about meal debt; the conversation needs to take place with the parent/guardian. If a child does not have enough money in his/her account for the day, the child may have a regular breakfast or lunch. With no discussion about owing money.

Grades PK-12: Elementary, Middle Level and High School

Charging meals is allowed for special emergency cases - a child is allowed to charge up to three meals or a total of $.75 if on reduced meal plan and $7.50 on the full pay plan.


After all students have gone through the lunch line and the cash registers have been closed, the cook manager will generate a charge list report. The cook manager will highlight all students that owe $.25 or more on Reduced Meals and $2.50 or more on Full Pay Meals. Along with the charge list, the cook manager will generate the charge letter for those students and place in a generic envelope with the students name on it, and deliver to the building main office for distribution. A copy of the report will be kept on file in the cafeteria and a copy will be delivered to the school principal/secretary/or designee.


When the charge amount nears the maximum or higher the building designated person will be contacted by the Cook Manager and be responsible for calling the family that afternoon or first thing the next morning and alerting the parent of the situation.


By the start of the next day’s meal service parents should replenish their child’s account up to and including having their child present a check or cash to the cashier when they purchase their next meal. If the student’s account has not been replenished by the time of the student’s next meal purchase the student’s name will be noted and the cold sandwich lunch will be given to that student. If debt remains an issue repeat steps 1 through 3.


Each week, all names on the charge list will get a call from the building designated person to inform parents of the charges that need to be repaid. 

Regulation and Protocol Reference: School Board Policy #5660 - School Nutrition Program (Lunch and Breakfast) – Revised July 11, 2017