The East Rochester Union Free School District would like to present the reopening of the facilities, the availability of large spaces for academics and athletics, and a re-entry of athletics plan. This plan comes directly from guidance provided by Governor Cuomo’s office, NYSPHSAA and the National Federation of High School Sports (NFHS).  The following is both a gradual reopening plan as well as key areas that must be addressed both prior to and during the reopening phases. Other key resources contributing to this general outline include the CDC Interim Guidance Document, in addition to the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Links for all resources are listed directly below.  While there are so many more pressing academic matters associated with the reopening of schools, the reality that must not be forgotten is the overall mental and physical well being that comes with being active.  We can have a number of great academic plans for re-entry, the reality is most will not work for our students without their mental well being at a good mindset.  Athletics provides both the physical and mental support that so many students throughout NYS and within East Rochester need in order to be successful both personally and academically.

NYSPHSAA         NFHS Guidance         CDC Covid-19         Am. Academy of Pediatrics

Gradual Athletic Reopening

Stage 1 Dates TBD

Pre- workout Screening

  • Players and coaches will be screened for COVID-19 Symptoms prior to workout.

  • Responses will be recorded on NFHS Appendix II (NFHS Recording Form)

  • Anyone with symptoms cannot exercise

  • Players must wash their hands before workout


  • At no point should any physical activity be done with a mask on

  • Limit to 11 player + 1 Coach per pod (inside or outside) with physical distancing of 12 feet or greater

  • Locker Rooms will not be available

  • Players/coaches will need their own water bottle as drinking fountains are discouraged for use

    • Indoor Exercises:


    • Outdoor Exercise:

      • Players need to social distance 12 feet or greater:

      • Use of cones to run around are ok but no ‘touched’ equipment such as medicine balls that are shared and weights are still not to be used

Post- workout

  • Players wash hands and are encouraged to shower after returning home

Stage 2: Dates TBD

Pre- workout Screening

  • No Changes From Stage 1


  • At no point should any physical activity be done with a mask on

  • Inside groups stay at no more than 12 participants, but outside groups of up to 50 allowed (NO INSIDE GROUPS ALLOWED UNTIL SPECIFICALLY CLEARED BY GOVERNORS OFFICE AND NYSPHSAA)

  • Indoor Exercises:

  • Exercises limited to ‘spot free’ exercises

  • Players need to social distance: (individual station rotation would be ideal)

  • Anything touched must be wiped down before and after use (disinfectant spray will be provided)

  • Outdoor Exercise:

  • Players need to social distance as much as possible

  • Any shared touched objects such as balls should be wiped down/sprayed intermittently (before and after)


  • No Change From Stage 1

Stage 3: Date TBD

Pre- workout Screening

  • Attendance taken 


    • Indoor Exercises:

  • Spotted lifts are allowed

  • Small group games for low and moderate risk indoor sports

    • Outdoor Exercise:

  • Players need to social distance as much as possible

  • Any shared touched objects such as balls should be wiped down/sprayed intermittently 


  • No Change From Stage 1

Return To Competition of Interscholastic Sports

  • Our return to interscholastic athletics will be determined by Section V and NYSPHSAA

  • You will find at this link the potential scenarios that are being considered by NYSPHSAA and having information and feedback gathered on as of July 1, 2020.

Potential Return To Play Scenarios

  • The following is the list of sports that are considered based on their risk assessment, there is some variance between NYSPHSAA and NFHS that need consideration

NFHS Sports Risks Page 8 and 9    NYSPHSAA Sports Risks Page 2


  • As of Monday July 13, it is the recommendation of the ER Athletic Department and in accordance with NYS Guidelines to open both the Tennis Courts and Track for community use

  • The turf field should remain closed with signage indicating track use only

  • Signs should be clearly labeled to remind people that the turf field is not open for activity

  • No organized practices can be held/nor encouraged by school related teams

  • Proper social distancing signs should be put in place at both entrances and along the fencing for the track and tennis courts

Non ER Organizations

  • At this time, no outside groups or organizations will be allowed to participate on outside facilities.  Once outside groups are permitted they must follow the same stage guidelines that school teams are expected to follow and file a daily report with ER athletics to highlighting the requirements set aside with 3 stages stated above

  • As for indoor activities, these activities will be strictly prohibited until schools and athletics return to some form of normalcy (groups include Sea Dragon’s Swim Club, Sing Out, Jets and ER Travel Soccer, APEX and ER Youth Wrestling, PAC/Diamond Pro Baseball, etc.)

  • Until there is normal movement in place, no community members will be allowed in the wellness center. While the weather is cooperative, activities will be permitted only on the track and tennis courts. For mental and physical well being once activities are allowed in the building, 11 students and 1 adult can fit in the wellness center. Free weight areas can be used with one spotter and lifter. Up to 6 people in the free weight room. This is all based on stages from NYSPHSAA and NFHS guidelines. 

Large Spaces/Facilities

  • It is the recommendation of the ER Health PE and Athletics Office that PE and Athletics should continue with proper guidelines in place to minimize the risks of exposure and infection.  That being said, in more optimal weather conditions (ie. September - Mid November) the PE department must look at maximizing the health and wellness activities to occur outside.  If this were to be the case larger facilities can open up for social distancing instruction.

Physical Education

  • Physical Education must occur outside of the building when weather cooperates even on colder days

  • Maximizing use of tennis courts, track and turf field. Grass fields can be used later in morning and afternoon to avoid getting pants and sneakers wet during the day

  • PE should focus on activities and fitness, there can’t be a team sport focus until there is a return to normal related activities

  • Changing should not occur for PE and sneakers should be worn to school on days of PE