Fall/Winter Newsletter

Fall/Winter Newsletter
Posted on 12/14/2017

Our Fall/Winter 2017 newsletter is available now. A hard copy version was mailed out and you can also read it online here.

This year, we developed a new process for producing our newsletter including the work of students from Ms. Hankins’ Journalism Class. The students provide us with valuable perspectives on our school community and in turn, they learn real-world journalism lessons. They are also learning about integrating technology by using Google Documents and working with graphic design professionals. Thank you to Ms. Hankins and her students for their willingness to support our District!

Starting in January, you will have access to online newsletters via our District’s website. Online editions will be shorter than the traditional hard-copy versions and will include up-to-date news stories, links and pertinent information.

These newsletters will continue to include information about school-related events and activities and you will still hear from East Rochester Alumni Foundation members. However, we will no longer have ER Town/Village News within our newsletter. We hope that you enjoy the new newsletter and learn about many of the exciting things that are happening in our school district.