New Communication Tools

New Communication Tools
Posted on 11/14/2017
Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am writing to provide information regarding five District communication tools that are new or that have been recently updated. While there may be some overlap between these tools, each one has unique features that will help you stay informed about people, places, and activities within our school district. Please read about each communication tool below. We will continue to keep you informed about upgrades and changes to our communication systems as the year progresses.

1) District Website--Our District website is new and improved. There are navigation buttons that allow users to find frequently visited webpages, and information has been streamlined so there should be less searching for users who visit our site. Our website will be a primary source of information for parents, students, and community members. Please check it out!

2) Mobile App: "East Rochester Union Free School District" is the name of the mobile app for accessing our website and more from your mobile device. Please go to the App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device, search for "East Rochester Union Free School District", and download our mobile app. School information on the mobile app will be literally right at your fingertips.

3) Let's Talk!: Beginning Monday, Nov. 13, there will be a new option added to our website--Let's Talk! You can find information on Let's Talk!, but more importantly you can submit questions/comments to specific people within our District's Administrative Team. Let's Talk! will also be used to share information about HOT TOPICS. Let's Talk! allows for two-way communication and we are excited to add this new component to our website.

4) Twitter: We have been using Twitter for a few years and it has become a useful format for communicating about events as they are happening. We currently have 365 followers who have access to photos, motivational quotes, reminders, and links to important information. If you do not use Twitter, I am inviting you to give it a try. Set up your Twitter account, search for @ERUFSD, and "Follow" us. You can also "Follow" @ERBombers to receive information about East Rochester Athletics.

5) Beginning in January 2018, we will be publishing an online District Newsletter. There will be a link to this up-to-date news feature once it is available on our website.

We know that the connections we have with parents and community members are key to high-levels of student achievement. We want our communication tools to reflect our commitment to keeping you informed about District-level activities so you can be a partner in your child's education.

Be well,

Dr. Mark Linton
East Rochester Union Free School District