Buildings and Grounds

The goal of the East Rochester Building and Grounds Department is to create and maintain an environment that supports the safety, development, effectiveness, efficiency, and over all experience of our students, faculty, staff, and community through clean, healthy, and environmentally responsible solutions. 

The responsibility of cleaning and maintaining a total of 281,648 square feet of building, and 45 acres of landscape, recreational areas, and playing fields requires the daily commitment of all employees. It is without a doubt that one hundred times as many dollars will be spent operating and maintaining a complex, as was spent to construct it. Therefore, the responsibility of maintaining the entire complex in a safe, sanitary, attractive and properly functioning condition places the role of protecting the investment of public funds directly in the hands of our staff. The condition of the building entrusted to our department’s care is a tribute of the public trust to the dedication and stewardship seen among our employees.

Dan Friday

Director of Facilities

[email protected]


Buildings and Grounds employees are most certainly valued members of the East Rochester School District. Their service is an essential link in providing a quality educational setting for district students, faculty, and staff. Their contribution of hard work and dedication limit distractions to the educational process and fosters pride within our community.

We employ approximately twenty men and women as full-time or part-time employees with an impressive record of longevity in the department. Over the summer we hire an additional fifteen students on average to assistance in summer projects, repairs and cleaning. This is not only the first job of many of these student-workers, but it extends their experiences in the school district beyond the classroom which help prepare them for their future.