Keeping Students Safe

Q:  How is the district safeguarding students while they use this technology? 

A:  The district uses Lightspeed, a content-filtering software that is supported by Monroe 1 BOCES to ensure that all web browsing activity on the Chromebooks is filtered.  In addition, we have restricted all student e-mail accounts so they can only exchange messages inside the school district, except in a few rare circumstances when such communication is warranted. 

District issued Chromebooks, when off site and connected to the Internet, will continue to utilize district filters. While filters are effective at limiting inappropriate content from being accessed, no technological service is 100% perfect.  Parents should monitor their student's use of the Chromebook, including Internet browsing at home or in any other location where a student is able to access a wireless network.

Q:  What is the district doing to safeguard my student privacy?

A:  We are dedicated to making sure that our students are as safe and secure as they can be online. One of the major considerations when moving to Google Apps for Education is Google’s commitment to security. Google has clearly stated it will not show ads to students when logged into their Google Apps accounts, whether they are doing a Google search or using their e-mail. In our contract with Google, the company also agrees to not sell or give any of our student or staff data to any third party, unless asked to by the user or required by law. It also has one of the most secure systems in the world and they work daily to protect user privacy and security from hackers and other malicious attacks. Further information about Google’s security and privacy commitments can be found here. We have taken the additional step of blocking  students in grades 3-8 from sending or receiving e-mails outside of the district, except in a few rare circumstances when such communication is warranted.