Academic Intervention Services

Academic Intervention Services (AIS) and/or Response to Intervention (RtI) are intended to
supplement instruction provided by the general curriculum and to assist students in meeting or exceeding the State Learning Standards. This additional support will be provided utilizing a variety of strategies. AIS/RtI is intended to assist students who are at risk of not achieving the State Learning Standards in English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, Social Studies and/or Science or who are identified as not meeting designated performance levels on state assessments as described in the Commissioner’s Regulations sections 100.2(ee)(7) and 100.2(ii). AIS/RtI shall be made available to students with disabilities on the same basis as non-disabled students, and shall be consistent with a students’ individualized educational program.

An important factor for student success is high quality direct classroom instruction. However, students who struggle should be afforded appropriate and targeted opportunities for academic assistance and interventions based on data analysis from multiple measures so that they may be successful in meeting the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards.

AIS /RTI include criteria for eligibility and the two components of AIS:
● Differentiated instruction that supplements the general curriculum,
● Student support services needed to address barriers to improved academic performances

AIS / RTI will be provided to students in ELA and mathematics in grades K-12 and social studies and science in grades 7-12. Support services will be provided to address barriers to increased academic performance related to attendance, behavior, family difficulties, and health issues, lack of study skills, and transition or mobility issues.

Academic Intervention Services (AIS) and Response to Intervention (RTI) Plan