Mentoring Program

The East Rochester UFSD supports the continued improvement of teachers new to the district
and to current ER teachers through its Mentoring Program. The purpose of the Mentoring
Program is to link the new and current ER Teachers with lead teachers upon whom he/she can
rely on for assistance and guidance. Another goal is to increase the retention of effective and
highly effective teachers by ensuring that they have the training and support to effectively meet the needs of all students throughout the district. Throughout the school year, ongoing
collaboration will facilitate the growth of the teacher(s) toward the highest levels of professional practice in meeting the state’s 21st century standards, Professional Teaching Standards and the expectations of the APPR evaluation system.

East Rochester School District Mentor Plan 2018-19

Mentors will participate in a training program that will highlight strategies that might include,
but are not limited to:
● Role of a mentor
● District expectations for mentors
● Stages that new teachers progress through
● Instruction in and practice with peer/cognitive coaching
● Analysis of teaching strategies
● Conferencing strategies
● Documents / procedures for coaching cycle
● Observation / conferencing skills
● Reflective questioning techniques / practice
● Confidentiality guidelines