Listed below are several useful sites for those pursuing teaching, administrative, or teaching assistant certification.

The first is the TEACH site. This is part of the NYS Education Department Office of Teaching Initiatives. This is the site used to apply for certification. It's no longer possible to apply with a paper application. If you experience any difficulties with this site you can email them at [email protected] or call 1-518-474-3901, option 3.

Please note: If you have completed a college approval education program, complete the application process on TEACH and then contact the college certification office to request their endorsement of the file.

Other links below include information on registering for teacher certification exams, teaching assistant exams, SAVE training, and child abuse training. Professional Development Requirement for Certification

If you hold a professional certificate as a teacher or a Teaching Assistant III certificate you are required by NYS to complete Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) requirements.  These requirements include the successful completion of 100 clock hours of acceptable CTLE during a five (5) year registration period. Acceptable CTLE is that which is taken through a sponsor approved by the NYS Department of Education. It is the certificate holder's responsibility to maintain a record of the completed CTLE. Additional information on CTLE record keeping and the CTLE requirements can be found by clicking here.    

Please feel free to email or call Kristen Adler at [email protected] or (585) 248-6302 if you have any questions.