Congratulations ER Class of 2024

Congratulations ER Class of 2024
Posted on 06/24/2024
Congratulations to the Class of 2024! You did it! We will miss all of our graduates but are excited for your future journeys ahead! 

Superintendent Jim Haugh shared with the Class of 2024, "Graduates be mindful of the impact and legacy we are leaving behind when we walk away and what impact we are bringing forward into our future and the future of those around the person someone remembers for the right reasons and be mindful of that impact and responsibility as an adult."

East Rochester Union Free School District Valedictorian Gianna Romach expressed what others can take away from and what she has gained through her school years, "I truly believe ER can offer kids things that not many places can. If the younger kids here take advantage of these opportunities, I can confidently say that ER's traditions and culture will give you an unforgettable childhood while also preparing you for whatever may come next. Treasure the friendships you'll make here, try new things because you can and support each other and you'll be given the same support back. East Rochester has molded me into who I am today and it is because of this town that I am confidently able to enter the next chapter of my life."

Graduates, always know We Are ER and you will always be a part of our community! Best of luck and enjoy the next phases of life! 

Graduations photos: