Memorial Donations

Memorial Donations to the East Rochester Alumni Foundation 


This page replaces our former Memorials and Obituaries page. We have decided to only show donations made to the Foundation in memory of others as we found it to be an impossible task keeping up with the obituaries portion of the page. Please note that memorial donations are listed chronologically rather than in alphabetical order. Graduation year is in parentheses. We apologize for any inconvenience.

In Memory of...

Donation by...

Clifford Fulton (1932)

R. James Cromwell

Dominic and Alda Alfieri (1940)

Robert Alfieri

William Speca (1945)

Ralph Morabito

Joseph Marcoccia (1951)

Anthony Isidore

Josephine DiSalvo  Burlingame (1953)

Jim Burlingame

Judith Cullen

Carl & Jill Tobin

Thomas O’Brien (1956)

R. James Cromwell

Dr. Anthony D’Agostino (1957)

Jeanette D’Agostino Banker

Frank D’Agostino

Elinor Burton Smith  (1958)

David Blakemore

R. James Cromwell

Marjorie Davis

Marge Fabend

Barbara Glass Gardner

Lillian Grasnick

Jean Hehir

Pam Henry


Carole Hoffman

Ladies of the Club

Peter and Linda Obourn

Wayne Ormsbee

Diane Prince

Philip Scalis

Eric Seablom

Alan Adasiak


Rick Niles (1959)

Class of 1959

Judith Cullen



Elaine Munding (1960)

Carl & Jill Tobin


David Hewes (1961)

Gary DiFlorio


Vickie LaFica McEvoy (1963)

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tobin


Anthony Zito (1964)

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Alesi

Mike DiDomenico

Indulis Pommers




Kathy Henry (1980)

Victoria Argento



In Memory of...

Donation by...

Mary Baynes Ryan (1981)

The Baynes Family


Paul Lopez

The Lopez Family


Jean Doremus (School Board)

Jim Schwender


Sam Urzetta (1944)

Carl & Jill Tobin


Helen Tobin (mother of Bob and Carl Tobin)

Margaret Burton Fabend

Peter & Linda Obourn


Charles Hermans

Linda Forbes


Jean Mercado George

Pat (Newcomb) Robertson

Class of 1957 (Anne Kuppinger Wheeler)

Dr. Gene Rosa

Carl & Jill Tobin


Peter Sorge (1979)

Carl & Jill Tobin


Edwin & Alice Jeffery (1937)

Tom & Lorna Alesi


Mary Lou Schick McShane (1938)

Tom & Lorna Alesi


Howard King (1959)

Judy Mouatt Cullen

Carl & Jill Tobin


Frank Santucci (1945)

Joe Santucci


Dr. Richard Mancuso (1956)

Frank Odorisi


Lennart Hagberg (1949)

NYS Wrestling Assoc.


Sandra Tribotti Rubini (1959)

Carl & Jill Tobin


Sam Tortorici (1971)

Carl & Jill Tobin


In Memory of...

Donation by...

Beverly Hassler (1959)

Carl & Jill Tobin


Francis (Skip) Scorza (1961)

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Tobin


Carol Skelly Carney (1959)

Carl & Jill Tobin

Judy Cullen


Nicholas Rosati (1957)

Danial Simonetti

Jim Baglieri

Fred & Carmal Dezio

Larry & Julie Weise

Theresa Santucci

Anne Kuppinger Wheeler

Len Maiorani

Alex & Mary Alfieri

Joan Leary

David Fitch

Pat Bailey

Ken & Ursula Arnold

Eleanor Greco

Karen Morabito

Jerry & Mary Cilento

Patricia Walter

Thaney & Assoc.

Maryann Bussey

Richard Diego

David Cook

Jeanne Paige

Wendy Condon

Lake Beverages

Carol Wheaton

Ross Bruno

Rosalie Rosini

Karen Braalt

Michael Magoon

Penny Decker & Bill Tondat

Patty Pullano

William LaForte

Carl & Jill Tobin

Johannah Hamilton Tobin (1963)

Bob Tobin

Carl & Jill Tobin

Lori & Scott Tobin

Eleanor Drake

Anne Wheeler

Miles & Cindy VanBuren

Pete & Linda Obourn

Thomas Rosati (1977)

John Barber

Peter Baynes

Joe Bock

Sean Condon

Jack Conners

Steve Dezio

John Gueli

Chuck Hall

Rich Kuhn


Paul LaFarciola

Mike Magoon

Mark Morabito

Eric Morono

Bob Petrone

Greg Siembor

Tony Tambasco

Marty Wojick

Vicki Argento & Larry Castellano

Coleen H. Stanley

Mary Estey

Pat Foley

Bob & Joan White



In Memory of...

Donation by...

Leonard Maiorani (1948)

Tom Conners


David Clark

Peter & Linda Obourn


Janice Capriotti Carpenter (1964)

Rosalie Rosini


Jerre Tyree

Judith Cullen


Victoria Palermo Marr (1958)

Cooney Family


Bobbie Henry

Catherine Conners


Anna Verzella

Mary Ellen Urzetta


Jean Raschiatore (1965)

Robert Volpe


Sam Morgante (1962)

Carl & Jill Tobin


Dina Marcoccia (1986)

Mary Estey

Carl & Jill Tobin


Jane Kunzog (teacher)

Tom Quinzi


Patricia Ramph Connolly (1959)

Judith Cullen


Ron Conners (1946)

Katie DeVito


 John Salvatore (1959)

Carl & Jill Tobin
Judith Cullen


 Jerry Conrad (1959)

Judith Cullen