Track and Tennis Court Information

The track is now open weekdays 6am - 2pm (closed on weekends)
Tennis courts are open 7 days/week dawn to dusk

The District's outdoor track and tennis courts, are open and available for use by District residents.

The track is typically open from 6-7:30AM and 3-9:30PM weekdays, and 6AM-9:30PM weekends, unless the facilities are already being used by an ER school team or community organization. District residents can access the track through the southeast pedestrian gate near Fairport Road.

In addition, the tennis courts are open for use by ERSD residents during non-school hours. Lights will be on until 9:30PM in April - October.

Groups wanting to use District facilities must register and be approved through the Use of Facilities process.

The community is also reminded that wheeled items such as bikes, skateboards, inline skates, and scooters are not allowed on the track or courts.

For more information please contact the Athletic Director.